A historic spa town

Thermal bath

The Castle Bath of Gyula offers approx. 5000 m² water surface area with a total of 16 pools of thermal water. The thermal water of 72°C erupts to the surface from a depth of 2,500 meters beneath our earth's surface. We recommend it primarily for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and diseases as well as for localised nervous system rehabilitative treatments following accidents. It's also beneficial for post-operative recovery and inflammatory diseases - including gynaecological conditions. The thermal water contains alkali-hydrogen carbonate-flora and as you can see, has a brownish tint due to the high mineral content.

The treatment sections are opened both summer and winter time under the strict supervision of a medical specialists and rheumatologists. Patients can benefit from services such as mud and galvanic treatments, electrotherapy, light baths, weight baths, underwater massage treatments, medical gymnastics and medical swimming exercises.


Pool bathing with medicinal water



The waters of thermal well No.1 belongs to the group of sodium hydrogen carbonated healing waters and benefits bathers with the following:
It enhances the regenerative ability of the body, has a painkilling effect and mitigates allergic reactions. The waters calm the nervous system and you can expect a decrease in sleep disruptions and disorders.
The water is at the correct temperature to reduce inflammatory processes, and inhaling its vapours assists the respiratory system to produce and release phlegm which might otherwise be constricted.
Moreover, it reduces muscle tightness. Since it contains also a considerable amount of meta-silica acid, it decreases the symptoms of many common skin conditions such as eczema, lichen and psoriasis.
For whom are the therapies with thermal baths recommended?

Many people suffer from degenerative spine and joint diseases, neuralgias, or are recovering from orthopaedic surgery and neurosurgical treatment following accidents. These are among the patients most ideally suited to benefit from our thermal treatments. Sufferers from  osteoporosis, chronic muscle pain and inflammation will also find welcomed respite in these pools. Patients experiencing gynaecological and urological conditions will also feel symptomatic relief in our waters.
To maximise and tailor your personal attention and safety please bring along your general practitioner's referral, your social security card and your medical examination reports. We base the treatment schedule of our patients on the results of the former examinations and the specialist's examination and report. The shortest rehabilitative bath treatment is 6 days in duration.
Patients for whom medical treatments have been prescribed at their homes can check in at the dispenser of the therapeutic section on site.



Thermal bath in the tub



We recommend these baths for those customers who can and want to take treatment with thermal water, but who cannot use thermal water treatment for mobility reasons. The effects of these treatment modalities are equally as good as in thermal treatment pools.

Mud cure

In our therapeutic section, we also provide treatment in the form of mudpack.
We use the medicinal mud of Maros River as a base material. It is then boiled in a special mud-boiling kettle to 100 °C with our own medicinal water before being cooled to 42 °C. It is then at this temperature that we apply to treat the prescribed body regions.
Its effects derive partly from the local effects of heat, and also  from the delivery of the dissolved mineral material to the body through the skin, our largest organ.
The treatment is used to treat abrasive  joint and spinal conditions. Specifically, abrasions in the joints of hip, knee and ankle, low back pain, vertebral disc abrasion, contractions caused by arthritis, sports injuries, surgical interventions, old injuries and fractures, as well as certain forms of gynaecological inflammations.
Note: IF you suffer from any acute inflammation – such as the acute inflammation of veins, joints and air passages – we need to be informed as this treatment is contraindicated.


Weight bath treatment

Károly Moll did the first sub water traction treatment by means of wooden stocks made on the Hévíz Lake.
Nowadays we do it in a pool made especially for this purpose. We suspend an anchored adjustable fortified apparatus to support the neck or fortify the arms depending on whether the patient has cervical, dorsal or lumbar spine complaints. Patients with hip, knee or ankle joint complaints also find huge relief through this process.
Likewise, the primary condition of course determines where and how much weight we apply, and sometimes we do the treatment without weights.

Effervescent bath treatment

In our therapeutic section, we use a carbonic acid bubble bath. A 'saturator', in which carbon dioxide is mixed with water, is placed bellow the treating tub; from here, we carry the carbonic acid water to the tub half filled up with our thermal water.



The treatment's primary focus is on the circulatory system. It has a vasodilatory, circulation-improving effect, reduces blood pleasure and improves the function of heart and lungs. Consequently, we use this with patients who suffer from vasoconstriction, cardiac troubles, are post-myocardial-iinfarction or rehabilitating from cardia surgery.
With regard to loco-motor disorders it is also helpful for treating neuritis and  osteoporosis. And as an overall health benefit, Its good stress relieving effect is also well known.

Remedial massage treatment

In rehabilitation cure, we apply therapeutic massage to the debit of the social insurance.
Medical massage or remedial massage is arguably the most popular treatment for the patients in all spas and medicinal baths.
During our massage, we treat the part of the body, as prescribed by the physician, with the basic grips, holds and strokes of the classic Swedish massage.
The treatment aims to relax tense, knotted and cramping muscles, to increase blood supply.  The effect is the decrease of muscular pain and the increase of muscular strength. It is important to know of course that pleasant as it is, massage can never substitute remedial exercises!

Underwater jet massage

In everyday Hungarian language, this is known  as 'tangentor' treatment, although in truth this name refers to the appliance of moving water.


During this treatment, the patient lies in a large-sized medical tub in such a way that the body part to be treated is always submerged. We then massage it with a water-jet in a special sequence.
The pressure of water-jet varies depending on the patient's body, the type of disease / condition and the goal of treatment.
The treatment is effective and is intended primarily for muscles of the upper and lower limbs and along the spine.
Usually, we perform a whole body treatment.


Underwater remedial exercises


In the case of advanced loco-motor disorders the musculature may be reduced partly or indeed mostly. Recurring inflammation may result in the contraction of joint capsule and ligaments, inducing a limitation of motion. We know that this process may be prevented by remedial exercises everyday regularly, but often this is not possible due to pain.
The range of indications for remedial exercise is very broad, since it may be necessary in almost every disorder requiring rehabilitation. In addition to the abrasive disorders of spinal, shoulder, hip and knee joints, remedial exercise also has an important role in the treatment inflamed joint diseases. It is one of the most important treatment methods after replacement surgeries, spinal disc hernia interventions, fractures, ligament injuries as well as in osteoporosis.
Happily, in warm waters such as ours these joints can be worked on without pain. The cramping, tense muscles become tensile, and their strength increases.
Our patients do underwater remedial exercises in groups of 8-10 people, in a specially equipped pool filled with thermal water, under the professional and watchful guidance of our physiotherapists. The treatment is in 3 exercise groups: neck-shoulder, spine and hip-knee groups. Again, each patient is assigned specifically to cater for their individual needs.


Complex thermal bath therapy


In August 1968 the therapeutic section of the Gyula Castle Spa was opened to cater for the wellness-seeking public. That same year, the water of thermal well No.1 was declared medicinal water, which made it possible for the Ministry of Health to rank it amongst the medicinal baths providing national duties in 1971.
In 2002, within the framework of the Széchenyi Plan, our section was completely rebuilt.
A carefully designed rehabilitative treatment programme  can produce a spectacular improvement even after 6-8 treatment days. Our treatments are particularly effective because we take into consideration both the primary and the concomitant illnesses of the patient. Consequently, we provide tailor-made physiotherapeutic programmes. In our therapeutic section all technical and personal conditions are available for you perusal.

Because each programme is individual it is also important that our patient, in their own interest, should follow closely our instructions, i.e., bathing time, degrees of temperature and the prescribed order of treatment.

Other treatments with physiotherapy

We believe that treatment can continue at home once the patient has left us. And so it is extremely important to us that you, our patients go home with useful information.  So our therapists teach several physiotherapy exercises that you can perform alone in the comfort of your own home. 
In preparing such exercises you particular form of suffering symptoms of the patient will be duly considered, as well your muscle strength and range of motion. Patients are always offered  advice about every day living and are helped to learn the proper use of various therapeutic tools.
We hope that our care, in this way, extends beyond our walls.

Physical therapy

In the therapeutic section of the Castle Spa we have a physiotherapeutic unit equipped with the most up-to-date devices. In the field of electrotherapy we have low and medium frequency devices.
The best-known forms of treatment are the following: dia-dynamic current therapy, iontophoresis with dionin, special galvanic treatments (Bougignon and Bergonier), four cell galvanic bath, interference, TENS (transcoetaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and muscle stimulation treatments such as Russian stimulation and selective current stimulation.





We use various forms of ultrasonic treatments: pulsating, sonodynator, subaqualis. We have a magneto therapy device that helps primarily in the after-treatments of traumas.
Lymphoma treatment is a form of treatment with which we can improve lymph circulation. Consequently, it is applicable for reducing oedemas, lymph oedemas resulting from accidents, surgical interventions, and last but not least it is also for treating cellulite.
With our cryotherapy device we can relieve acute inflammatory processes, pains caused by acute neuritis (such as acute gout), pain caused by contusion and strain, sciatica, etc.
Outdoor pools

The Castle Bath of Gyula is situated in the old 8.5 hectares park of the former Almásy Castle which, in the meantime, has become a natural reserve.


The ancestral park , which is over 200 years old, has its fair share of botanical rarities: more than 10,000 flower plants and  nearly 100 species of trees, bushes and shrubs. It is a real attraction and a unique natural environment which, combined with the thermal water basins, offers our guests and locals a gorgeous place for recreation and bathing.


Wave pool


This is one of the most up-to-date wave pools in Hungary  - unique, in fact,  in the Southern Great Plain. It is ideal for visitors of all ages. The almost 1m high waves offer adventure and fun for both adults and little ones alike. The wave machine, which  operates for 5-7 minutes every half hour, signals the fun seeking  bathers' attention. The shallowest part of the pool is a mere 45 cm, with the deepest reaching to 2.2 m. Consequently, it is a perfect for all!

Water slide pool

This deck level pool of 24-26 °C (0.95-1.35 m deep) is a family favourite! Your kids (and you!) can plop into the poolwater from three slides, and the water depth increases gradually inwardly. This makes is suitable not only for playing and throwing the ball about but also for swimming.

Then onto one of the most popular pools in the Gyula Castle Spa – to the greatest delight of children – we have built two more thrilling slides in addition to the traditional small one. The 'kamikaze' slide and the 'giant' slide with a run of 110 meters can be used free of charge, and they can be reached almost directly from the water.
Our trained staff watches over the slides keeping your loved ones safe .

Meanwhile, parents, who want to watch their children from the poolside, are free to use the relaxation area and the benches that are perfectly placed for rest and sunbathing.


Children’s water paradise

For the restful amusement of families going to an open-air bath with little children, it is invaluable to find a small wading pool that is easily watched over. The first of tis kind in Hungary, we have built not just  a wading pool for children between 2 and 10 years, but a 400 m² playground in the water!
This water paradise provides gleeful amusement and play for the little ones. During their play time our youngest visitors can use 10 kinds of toys and adventures.
The "Mini Wellness", can be warmed up and has an up-to-date water purifying system.
The "Fountain", which is an inverse pool, ensures a uniquely fun and unforgettable experience - here you will find several hundred spouting water jets!



Recent investments by the end of 2013 enriched the Castle Baths exceptional interior with this new water complex. Now  the thermal baths can serve families throughout the entire year. It was  designed the younger generation in mind  -  not simply for those who only take baths in thermal waters.
The new water park exceeds 6,000 m² of which 900 m² are composed of water pools  and  countless adventure elements: lazy rivers, horizontal massage waterfalls, geysers, neck showers, diving pools and illuminated tunnel slides, donut slide and many other different elements. It has all been carefully designed to provide perfect comfort and maximum fun and recreation -  in all seasons and for all ages.
Having been enhanced with a new family water park called Aqua Palace, the Gyula Castle Spa has become the newest, best-equipped, European standard lido, spa and water park complex in the South Great Plain. It provides perfect entertainment, in all seasons, for visitors of every generation who look for recreation. Here, they will find it. The deservedly famous four-star baths at the Gyula Castle Spa pamper, relax, exercise and heal.
For our guests arriving with infants we have converted a room into a nursing room within the new family water park. The separated unit has been furnished with a microwave oven as well as changing tables, comfortable cots and special furniture; Warming neither baby nor baby food will be a problem.





If the children get tired of exploring the water world, they can gain new experiences on the playgrounds designed for the little ones and young teenagers, respectively.


The most visible and attractive elements of the new water park are the two huge over 10 meters high slides.


Our slides, such as a family slide, a “light tunnel” body slide timing the sliding rate and an “upwards inclining / dropping” in-line tube slide going upwards in a unique way in Hungary, guarantee the unforgettable entertainment of the visitors. We also take a snapshot of the slide experience.


For family adventure lovers our water park offers the possibility of sliding on a wide slide into the water, designed for the slide of up to four people at a time, dad-mum and children.


  • Toddler and kiddy pool
  • 2 water cannons, pirate ship water slide, 2 animal spouts
  • Recreational swimming pool
  • Adventure pool
  • 12 water jet massage benches, water curtain, lazy river, 2 water jet massage cabins, 6 neck showers, pool floor jets, geysers
  • Plunge pool to the saunas
  • Whirlpool spa
  • 4 water jet massage benches, 8 pool floor jets
  • Diving pool

Pool bar

Within the AquaPalace also a swim-up bar has got room, consequently, the bathers can quench their thirst with soft drinks or cocktails. If you feel like sipping at the refreshing cocktail or cold beer while sitting in the water, in the pool bar the grown-ups and the little ones can while away with ice-cold Ice’N GO desserts, sandwiches and soft drinks. From here the parents can keep their eye on their kids having fun on the playground.


In every season of the year, the newest town attraction and the new wing of the Castle Bath Resort awaits its guests with everyday exciting adventures! Visit our AquaPalace Water Park!




Wellness Center & Castello Sauna Park


Wellness Center


The unique atmosphere of the Wellness Center and its countless elements such as: running water, neck shower massages and water corridor with waves, hydro massage banks inside the pool, Jacuzzi – are continuous attractions for customers.


Bask in the unique atmosphere of the Wellness Center with its countless elements such as: running water, neck shower massages and water corridor with waves, hydro massage banks inside the pool and Jacuzzi. All are proving to be  continuous attractions for customers.
In the gallery above the pool, we provide a terrace where people can rest, read and relax -  there are many enjoyable possibilities for your complete enjoyment, relaxation, and recreation.
Availing yourself of these opportunities you can take full advantage of the multitude of services which  we can offer to you creating an unforgettable experience provided by our Wellness Centre! Services of the Wellness Centre (with the exception of Castello Sauna Park) are accessible to all our customers free of charge! By purchasing a simple entry ticket to the Castle Bath of Gyula you gain automatic access to the Wellness Center!



Castello Sauna Park

Our Castello Sauna Park in the Gyula Castle Spa is a real treat for our guests who are  lovers of the sauna.We offer various saunas so that  everyone can choose to their liking.



It is well known that this treatment has a beneficial effect on the immune system as well as improves physical condition and fitness.


Taking a sauna provides a real physical and mental relaxation for the sauna takers. It improves their mood, increases their performance and helps the purification ant the internal detoxification of the body. A noticeable improvement of physical functions can be experienced especially as for heart and blood circulation.




It supports the body also with a detoxifying effect, thus it is worth using for the purpose of weight loss and body shaping. A popular motivation for our female guests is that sauna beautifies the skin as well as refreshes it, firms and makes it look more youthful.

Bastion sauna (80-90 °C)

The Bastion sauna is the largest of our outdoor saunas. This is where the special "Bastion" pouring of our baths takes place and is offered to our guests who have a high tolerance for heat!
The various ceremonial sauna pouring sessions have a most pleasing effect on the soul.

Massage Beauty Salon

In our Beauty Massage Salon, no less than 40 types of massages are available for the customers who seek this kind of nurturing and pampering service!
Our basic massages are available in three types of packages, all for the same price. So our guests who are accustomed to the benefits of massage can choose from massage that is most favored and special to them personally. If you are unused to massage our therapists will be happy to advise. In our salon, you can opt either for "beauty" massage packages with aromatherapy (30 or 60-minute sessions) to improve and maintain skin radiance and elasticity,  or of course you can avail of other types of massages. It is totally up to you!
By request we also offer a special 'four hands' massage and couples massage for that extra indulgent treat.
Swimming pool

25-meter indoor pool


Our indoor swimming bath is one of the newest and most modern swimming pool complexes in eastern Hungary with swimming pools and pools of such high standard that they have been used in athletic contests! We offer excellent conditions for water sports. Because of the curved 'outwards' base of our swimming pools each end of the pool can be used to learn swimming and for diving in the water. The middle part of the basin, where the water is not very deep, is ideal for beginners, younger and inexperienced swimmers.


50-meter swimming pool


Our 50-meter swimming is suitable for swimming and sporting competitions, water polo matches or simply for sheer entertainment! The excellent quality of the water basin means it is a preferred location for water sport lovers. The competition swimming pool operates throughout the year and hosts swimming competitions, water polo matches and other entertainment programs for sport-loving visitors. In the summer season the Kormorán Diving School of Gyula gives diver training courses here, and those guests interested are welcome to take part light scuba diver test diving.
Further information at http://kormoranbuvar.hu/ From October to May, the pool has a tent covering making it perfectly suitable for organizing water-sporting events even in winter.