Gyulahus LLC
A historic spa town

Gyulahus LLC

Sausage and meat factory – the Gyulahus LLC Company - primarily boasts the most loved and recognized product around the world: the Gyulai sausage.
The Gyulai Sausage, which has been repeatedly awarded with various specialty prizes, can enrich you everyday diet, and there are also other equally popular products such as Caltabosi, salami and drum.

The history of the processing meat and sausage factory of Gyula began in 1868 with the opening of the first slaughterhouse. Appreciation from abroad for the home made Gyulai sausages came along at the turn of the 19th century when its success was associated with the name of Balogh József. Jozsef managed to win the gold medal with this exceptional product at the International Exposition held in Brussels in 1910. The tradition was continued by Strebler András, who in 1935, at the same International Exhibition in Brussels, received his golden award for a similar product, also while managing to establish the first line-production of the Gyulai sausage.