Schnapps tasting house
A historic spa town

Schnapps tasting house

Evoking the times of Baron János Harruckern, the Pálinka Tasting House is adjacent to the distillery. Visitors on their own or in groups are introduced to the world of pálinka at this fine venue, offering a variety of tasting events and fine food for connoisseurs at the distillery with its idyllic and peaceful setting and intimate atmosphere, and the Tasting House that recalls the day of Baron János Harruckern. One of the newest and most beautiful tasting houses in Southeast Hungary was built on a 7.5-hectar strip of land.

The project started in 2008, partly using EU funding within the framework of the tourist attraction development section of the South Great Plain Operative Programme of the New Hungary Develppment Plan. In addition to introducing visitors to the world of pálinka, we paid special attention to construct the Tasting House in a way that makes it suitable for individual guests as well as group events.

Our aim was to build a friendly venue for pálinka tasting, a place that is in full harmony with the atmosphere and spirit of the historic spa city of Gyula. We meant the Tasting House as a venue that provides high quality services and adds to the attraction of the city for tourists and visitors as well as local people. Away from the noise of the city, the Tasting House is a 4-5 minute drive from the centre. Its showroom can host 40-45 visitors at a time for tasting and presentations. The house also features a bar and a store selling local products. Visitors are introduced to the technology of pálinka making by our distil master, who guides them on a tour starting from the orchard, and they can follow the process from growing the fruits to the final stage of making our excellent pálinkas. A short documentary film introduces visitors to a variety of subjects, such as the Békés Prune Pálinka – a Hungaricum –, and the history of distilling pálinka in Gyula, as well as today’s technology, and the culture of drinking pálinka. Theory is followed by practice: a tasting of our award-winnig pálinkas while the bread-dough or the pork is baked in the oven. Upon request, we cook in billycans or make grilled dishes.

Our guests are offered a choice of several tasting menus, with soda-water included, and in the small menus, our pálinkas come with some home-baked bread and cheese, while the grand tasting menus include home-baked bread, Gyulai sausage, ham and cheese.

- trios:
apple and friends: apple, Jonathan apple, William pear
hard-shells: Szomolya cherry, apricot, prune
in the wilderness: wild pear, mulberry, elderberry
as you please: 3 tastes of you choice

- six-packs:
the classics: apple, Jonathan apple, quince, William pear, apricot, prune
wild forest: wild pear, wild cherry, mulberry, mahaleb cherry, dogberry, wild elderberry
Gyula special: 4 seasons + red and black + Békési prune
as you please: 6 tastes of you choice

The Tasting House is suitable for family events, parties, small conferences, company meetings, teambuilding or cultural events. Our team of experts provides high quality technical support and catering.

Opening hours:
Monday-Saturday: 10: 00-18: 00
Sunday: Closed
Providing barrier-free access