Artisan “Kézműves”confectionery
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Artisan “Kézműves”confectionery

Laszlo Balogh, a patisserie maker and confectioner by trade, turned his dream and passion for quality pastries and sweets into reality by opening an artisan
confectionery. In doing so, he has contributed considerably to the development and appreciation of the local gastronomy based on a long tradition dating back centuries.

In October 1992 he opened a small candy shop in Gyula.

In 1996, he bought a house next to the Town Hall on Városháza Street no.21. The
old building was demolished and on its site, he built a new artisan confectionary that opened its doors in July 1998. It\\\'s called Kézműves (artisanry) and is one of the most prestigious candy shops on the east side of Tisza.

Guests and tourists visiting our city can savor different sweets, specialties,
pastries, coffee, cake and ice cream (more than 100 cakes sorts and more than 50
different ice-cream flavors to enjoy!) Here you can also purchase the famous local chocolate bonbons and pralines, created by the CADEAU Bonbon manufacturing.

Open: throughout the year