Napfény Íze\' reformbolt
A historic spa town

Napfény Íze\' reformbolt

Our store was opened in this No.4, Kossuth Street location on 1st of April 2016.

With our bio products and beverages, we offer our towns' residents and its visitor's organic goods with a view to health enrichment and promotion. Here you will find a plethora of healthy produce: herbal teas, herbal and homeopathic products, gluten and lactose-free produce, supplements, medicines and handicrafts made with skills that praise and represent artists from our region. Everything is here for you to explore and purchase in our shop.

Furthermore, we present, every weekday, menus suitable for you vegan guests.

We offer an Alaska candy filled to Visit Gyula Card holders with corn for free!

Service style: self-service