Museum shop
A historic spa town

Museum shop

The Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism has opened a permanent exhibition in the building of the College and Vocational School SZC Harruckern Janos in Gyula.


In May 2016, the official inauguration of the museum shop named "Süvegcukorhoz" (trans. Sugar Loaf) took place and so another interesting facet of Gyula opened its doors. The idea of establishing such a museum shop was intertwined since 1983. The initiator of this project is Mr György Ábrahám, former director of the Small Food Enterprise.


Company employees, including the elderly and pensioners who have been active in this industry, sustained by the locals, managed to identify and collect almost 500 objects and documents in course of a year. The news circulated quickly and this project has been joined also by the families active in trade and sales and their descendants.


The new exhibition is part of an interesting series of cultural attractions that can be visited in the town of Gyula for decades. Besides The centennial confectionery, Ladics House and Exposition of History of Meat Industry a new project was born that evoke the atmosphere and charm of the interwar period.


Those who want to visit our museum store, have the opportunity to discover some aspects of the history of the Hussars-Quarters through the exhibition set in its hall.


Opening hours:


The museum can be visited throughout the year by phone appointment

Weekdays: 10:00 - 16:00

Saturday-Sunday: 10:00 - 14:00