Breda Castle
A historic spa town

Breda Castle

 In the endless plains of Cris, in the middle of a forest, surrounded by full and authentic atmosphere of calm, an authoritative building raises its predatory glances: The Breda Castle.

Magnificently renovated in a splendid Mediterranean style, the Breda Castle and its park offer its visitors’ a unique and special experience.

The castle was built around 1806 in the neoclassical style by the former county deputy prefect of Arad-Csanad named János Vásárhelyi.
After more than 200 years of existence and a very troubled history whose iron teeth bit and left its marks on the building and on the park, transforming them into true ruins over the passage of time. However, it was managed to save this wonderful building from total and final destruction and after full renovation, the 500 square meter estate, has opened its gates and operates now as a visitor center and inside the ancient walls sumptuous halls have now become exhibition spaces. Methods using modern technological solutions can be found and seen in a very unique and interesting presentation, the building, its space and its history will certainly impress visitors.
The main attraction of the castle is an outdoor 3D projection on the facade of the building, unique in Eastern Europe, which is turn on every evening after sunset.
The castle is equipped among other things with an audio guide in 5 languages, which also include a presentation in English.

Opening hours
Opening hours from May 2018:
Every day from 14:00

3D light painting: from 20:00