The ruins of Franciscan Order buildings
A historic spa town

The ruins of Franciscan Order buildings

In 1410, Pope Gyula colonized these lands with the Franciscan monks, building
them a monastic church which operated as monarchal center between the years
1420 and 1566. The monks fled after the attack and siege of the Turks in 1566 and
after the monastery was forgotten.

Gothic ruins of the church, which once had a length of 35 meters and a width of 10
meters was discovered in 1931, and later it was rebuilt in the '60s. Today only parts
of the sanctuary and parts of the cells that were built next to it are to be seen.
Franciscan church is the burial place of many personalities in Hungarian history,
like daughter of Corvin Janos, and his wife Elizabeth, Frangepán Beatrix.
The ruins of buildings Franciscan Order can be visited anyday, entry is free.