Dam Square exhibition hall in Gyula
A historic spa town

Dam Square exhibition hall in Gyula


After regularization of the course of the Cris
River towards the Élővíz Canal (Living Waters Canal)  the riverbed dried up. And so in order to supply with
fresh water the towns of Gyula, Békéscsaba and Békés a so-
called Dam Square - "Tus gát" was built in 1896 by Gyula. The facility operated
for 102 years, after which it was demolished and in its place a modern dam was
built. To preserve the memory of this technical achievement, which is unique to the country,
the Department of Water and Environmental Region Cris created an exhibition
hall in the new  control building. There you will find the original plans, photos as well as pictures and layouts which demonstrate the
achievements that are now more than a century old! Not far from the building on the waterfront some of
the original elements of the dam and beams have been deliberately exposed, so everyone can
see the structure of this particular type of dam that, today, is no longer built.
Open: by appointment
Free entrance