The Medieval Gyula Castle & Bastion
A historic spa town

The Medieval Gyula Castle & Bastion

 Built in the fifteenth century, it is the only intact remaining brick castle from the towns of the Hungarian Plains. The start of its construction is linked to the name of the nobleman Janos Maroti Macso and its completion to the Janos Corvin's name. To Janos Corvin’s name is also linked the construction of the Bastion, which is located near the Kerecseny gate. After the assault from 1566 the town was under Ottoman influence for 129 years, until 1695 resulting in the expulsion of the Turks out of the country.



Finally, during the time of Harruckern Janos, the Castle functioned as a place for manufacturing beer and brandy, and even as a jail. There are 7 rooms; one room is archive and also county council meetings are taking place. In 2005 the Castle was revived being renovated and opened to the public in form of a museum so that visitors have the opportunity to know the military history of the town, in the chapel of the Castle weddings are officiated. Those interested in culinary pleasures can practice winery in medieval style in the halls of the Castle where the past and the modern form a suitable space for conferences and other events. Upon request we provide also a guide.



     The monument serves as a multipurpose theater every summer since 1964, performances being viewed in two locations: in the Castle and in its Renaissance courtyard and on the scene on lake near Medieval Castle of Gyula.
The only remaining brick castle in good conditions in Central Europe, where the 24 rooms recounted the events of seven centuries. From the “belvedere” or as it is called bastion opens a picturesque panorama of the town of Gyula.



Ticket fee:
Ticket: 1.800 HUF / person
Group tickets (for groups larger than 10 people): 1.700 HUF / person
Discounted ticket: 900 HUF / person
Discounted group tickets (for groups larger than 10 people): 850 HUF / person



Gyula and Castle: these two words are almost inseparable. Medieval town of Gyula was a symbol of defense power in the past. For us, the citizen of Gyula is natural to see every day the old walls of the medieval castle. Among the first programs that tourists who visit us they choose to visit the Castle of Gyula, the only remaining intact brick fortress in Central Europe. From the Bastion stretches a fantastic view on the town. In addition to traditional films, along organized tours we are pleased to offer our visitors and panoramic interchangeable photo exhibition, with which through an optical illusion the visitors of the Castle is given the idea and feeling as being in old times past.



Opening hours
From August 21, 2018:

Monday: Closed
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Guided tours: Monday-Sunday 10:30am, 1:30 pm