Gyulavári Castle
A historic spa town

Gyulavári Castle

The idea of ​​creating a visitor center at Castle Gyulavári started from the desire
of renovation, conservation and rehabilitation of the region and the importance
of present values, ​​environment, nature, craftsmanship, culture and ethnography.
All these are also reflected in this residence of the former nobility.
In other words, make them known to visitors who past these lands and prove
them that the quality of rehabilitation and renovation in order to evoke the past
and transfer it into the present and future, the cultural development is worth
investing if our goal keeps growing.
Our goal is to strengthen the knowledge about the Great Sothern Plains Region,
to demonstrate not only towards our local population but also to our guests and
visitors, that our ancient roots are full of importance to the people who live now
on these lands, to strengthen the sense of national identity and its importance, to
increase the filing of love and appreciation for their native land.
Only by increasing this part, we will be able of economic development and
cultural prosperity.
Based on this line we chose topics and organize exhibitions in the Gyulavári
Castle, upcoming programs and events, which we try also to include in our local
tourism offer.
Three major concepts try to unite the ideology of the castle: tradition, culture
and continuous development. This triumvirate is a logical result of the concept
and hopefully we will succeed joining culture with tradition and development in
the following years.
The tradition is celebrated in an exhibition of Hungarian artisans and craftsmen
by presenting handicraft and art crafts of various minorities that live from their
work and influence these places. In the cultural concept idea, this presentation
receives particular importance, as all works of art are from artists and painters
living in our region. Through these programs and objects and works of art
presented, we are trying to reach other branches of art in general.
Concerning the continuous development and issues related to it, we try to
present the natural values ​​of the region: waters, forests, flora and fauna. What
we would like to bring to people's attention is the importance of small bio
households, which could be essential in this typical agricultural environment.
With the guidance of the Great Sothern Plain Region Program this could be a
very accessible niche in terms of development.
The conference room created in the Gyulavári Castle enables the possibility to
organize meetings and conferences and spread and promote organic agriculture.
Besides this, the information center of the Gyulavári Castle functions as an
information center regarding the environmental tourism and values ​​of natural
tourism. The more we are aware of our environment and the importance of its
conservation and preservation, the better.
Gyulavári Castle awaits you in a fabulous and romantic environment, in a
beautiful park named PICK NICK where you can taste various genuine Gyula
products, homemade foods and goods. You can find them all in one basket, and
even our first eco beer can be tasted here.
Our visitors receive a gift in form of a fridge magnet; respectively on the
messages board they can share their opinions and impressions.
- For preschool and school groups we offer and organize special programs
- Providing space for temporary exhibitions
- Here you can organize conferences, meetings, school preparations and
trainings, team building, cultural and other events;
- In our ecumenical chapel weddings and baptisms can organize
- Organization of excursions and hiking lovers and environment guardians.
By bus: local bus no. 4 from the train station through the city center, final
destination being the Széchenyi station;
By car: on the road 44 in the direction towards crossing the border to Romania,
crossing the bridge over the White Cris, on Széchenyi street no. 71 you will find
Gyulavári Castle.
Opening hours:
Starting 14 th of March, 2016 along with the opening of the summer season, the
location may be accessed as follows:

Opening hours
Monday: 9:00-16:00
Tuesday-Saturday: 9:00-17:00
Sunday: 10:00-14:00
Entry ticket
Full price: 1.000 HUF / person
Students/pensioners: 600 HUF / person
Groups of 10 people: 900 HUF / person
Groups of 10 people (with discount): 500 HUF / person
Complete round (group of maximum 20 persons): 1.600 HUF / group