KöröspArt Gallery
A historic spa town

KöröspArt Gallery

KöröspArt public gallery presents quality art works of appreciated artists’ who
are not necessarily famous but still awaiting consecration. Our gallery was
opened in Gyula after a collecting activity which lasted for 10 years.
In this beautiful and peaceful town, famous artists such as Munkácsy Mihály
and László Gyulai started their careers. Here were also born Szilágyi István and
György Kohan.
We intentionally chose to build this gallery in our town in the province, because
the artistic high quality life can and shall exist not only in Budapest. As
demonstrated all meaningful artistic activity took place especially in the first
half of the twentieth century. And now, the works of unknown artists, who were
pushed aside or had a sad fate, wait - even if scattered - to be discovered,
bringing great joy to the connoisseurs of our artistic society. We participate
actively in this task and have already collaborated to raise and collect the artistic
heritage of a forgotten but extraordinary painter, István Szilágyi (1896-1945).
Thus, after six years of research work, the monograph of the late artist was
finally published thanks to many civil forces.
In our gallery we expose neglected work of rediscovered painters such as: Aba-
Novák Vilmos, Burghardt Rezső, Czóbel Béla, Csejtei Joachim Ferenc, Jankay
(Deutsch) Tibor, Baron Hatvany Ferenc, Erdélyi Mihály, Klie Zoltán, Molnár C
Pál, Némethy Miklós, Pekáry István, T. Rátz Péter, Stark Anna and Szervánszky

Opening hours:
on appointment only