Ladics House
A historic spa town

Ladics House

Built on one level in the early nineteenth century, this common baroque house
served as a notary house.  Lawyer Dr. György Ladics and his wife were the first to reside here
and in later years their descendants, until its final transformation into a
museum. The family liked to preserve tradition. And so all the objects that reflect the
lifestyle of the family - furniture, wallpaper, decorations, clothes, even
personal items which reflect their spiritual lives - remained practically
unaltered throughout the five generations that followed. The town of Gyula
decided to establish a museum after buying the house and contents. It's a
unique collection indeed.

With no exaggeration we are very proud of this collection and proud that the
legacy of Ladics family has a particular value to the town of Gyula. In a unique
way this fully furnished house is an independent source of history having born witness to
life of middle-class citizens who lived in the rural areas in the time of dualism
in Hungary, especially the period between the two world wars. Across Hungary
no other such houses have been so preserved. We have some reflecting the poverty and simplicity of the people who worked the land, and on
the opposite side we have palaces and pompous halls, mansions and castles of the nobles of
the royal houses, full of shimmering delights. Therefore Ladics House is an absolute
novelty, because it presents the lifestyle of the citizens of the middle class of
society. In our country there is no complete collection to equal this, because not only objects but also writings and documents
from the nineteenth century citizen's life are all preserved here. The Ladics House
includes the whole family house built by the early nineteenth century, completely
furnished and still holding objects and personal items of all family members. Of particular interest is the 
 library which houses the complete collection of books and documents of the family.
Opening hours
From 18 June 2020:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 10:00 to 13:00
Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 13:30 to 18:00

(telephone booking: 70/310 6722)
Entry ticket
Adult ticket: 800 HUF / person
Discount ticket: 400 HUF / person