Mogyoróssy János Town Library
A historic spa town

Mogyoróssy János Town Library


Servicing the town for 180 years

The Mogyoróssy János collection is  a very special collection of books and documents gathered together under the roof of the public town
library. It is one of the most
beautiful city libraries in Hungary. Its history goes back to 1836 when the
administrator of the Wenckheim landowner donated over 300 books and
works to the institution of our town. In 1968 the initiative was taken to rename
the library after János Mogyoróssy, and in 1970 the library was awarded the title
of Exceptionally Library. The current library building was built in 1861 using the plans
of the much appreciated architect József Nuszbek. It was the Town Hall until 1949 and
thereafter,  until 1981, hosted high school teaching in Romanian language.

The Town Library moved into this impressive environment in 1987. The building
and renovation efforts were acknowledged and rewarded in 1988 by the distinguished architects'
national committee. Those interested in visiting this institute can admire a
collection of over 130 thousand books and documents, including a special
collection in the Romanian language, and in partnership with the Goethe Institute
 a small reading room for German speakers was created. From  a dedicated
children's library, music library and cinema, an impressive collection of local
history of more than 200 types of specialized magazines and lectures worldwide
offer an environment of relaxation and of course entertainment! The
services offered by the Mogyoróssy János Town Library include 
listing, copying and printing, scanning of documents of public interest,
and also Internet access and Wi-Fi service. The library is considered unique due
to the fact that in the interior spaces are also displayed several works of art for
the delight of its visitors.

Opening hours:
Monday: 14:00-18:00
Tuesday-Friday: 11:00-18:00
Saturday: 10:00-14:00