Pósteleki Park & Squirrel Inn
A historic spa town

Pósteleki Park & Squirrel Inn


Pósteleki outdoor park was established in order to embrace the three towns of Békés County: Békéscsaba, Gyula and Békés. This location was part of the family estate of the Wenckheim noble family dating back to the nineteenth century. In 1895 the estate became gained prominence when the Countess Krisztina Wenckheim was married to Count Széchenyi Antal. Krisztina received the estate as dowry, being, as it was, so close to the paternal mansion whose 3000 acres were rich with forestry. The Second World War had a devastating effect in terms of the estate buildings and surrounding parkland. But even still these ruins offered impressive views.
To this historical atmosphere, tranquil and full of beauty, we warmly invite visitors! 
The Park mansion was renewed and has gradually regained its old splendor. We welcome visitors who want to recreate in and connect with the splendour of nature! In this world full of stress and brisk pace we have no choice, here in this tranquil setting, but to go back to where we all began: mother nature.
Acquaint yourself with our services and programmes and allow us to welcome you as our guest:

Castle Park Wenckheim and former noble estate are part of natural reserve program since 1989. Among the special plants and trees of the flora of this area, we have the coffee tree (particular to Békés county),  the copper-colored leaf beech, the oak and the huge swamp oak. Fire places, tables, benches and forest await you at the entrance with a seated buffet under a pergola! 

Forest park

In addition to the reconstruction of the alleys and path,s and the redevelopment of the Castle Lake, the cleaning and clearing of the area in the immediate vicinity of the ruins were also carried out. Fire places and picnic areas equipped with tables and benches have been set up, and by the entrance into the forest we arranged a beautiful pergola buffet for visitors. We aim to maximise the comfort of our tourists!


The Camping Site is set on the edge of the forest and can accommodate up to 150 guests. There is a 24h service buffet, a shared well-equipped kitchen, electricity and secure parking. All these services and more await our visitors. In addition to parking places, there are places designated for tents and caravans to cater for up to 50 people. This place is recommended for nature lovers who want to escape the bustle of everyday day life. Here you will find relaxation and peace, and you can recharge your batteries in a area full of calm and beauty.

Ice skating rink

This rink with a plastic covered surface is unique in Békés County and can be used all year round regardless of season.(I DELETED DEPENDENT ON THE WEATHER BECAUSE IT CANT BE BOTH DEPENDENT AND REGARDLESS!! SO MAKE SURE THIS IS ACCURATE) We also rent skates and offer buffet. We welcome you with colorful programs and pleasant ambient music. In winter (December-January), this rink is installed and operated in the center of Békéscsaba, near to which you will find the annual Christmas market.

Squirrels' Inn (Mókus Csárda)

At the edge of the forest in Pósteleki our restaurant Squirrel Inn (Mókus Csárda) welcomes its guests in a lovely atmosphere under the shade of giant trees, elegant and with particular attention to detail and comfort. The Inn lies in the outdoors of the Pósteleki Park - the forest park -  which stretches to the castle ruins of the noble Wenckheim family.
This historic spirit is also reflected in the interior structure and atmosphere of the inn. The inn was established in the middle of last century but then,  unfortunately,  it was out of use for years. From April 2011, after a break of 13 years, this inn reopened its doors to guests. The inn can accommodate up to 230 people in total. The area in front of the building provides places for 60 people under an awning, while the large hall can cater for 80. The interior patio that can be interconnected with great hall, making it possible to serve 90 further guests.
Hungarian cuisine with its traditional and typical dishes, awaits visitors to these areas.
In summer, every weekend, customers are welcome to enjoy the lovely meals served on our terraces - meals that were cooked on wood or charcoal grill. There are fire places and kettles, which means that stew is certainly not missing from our menu! Different kinds of stews are prepared and various styles of goulash: beef, venison, lamb and pork. If you'd like to escape to these places we will happily show you that the hours spent with us are cheerful hours, full of relaxation, fresh air and historic beauty.




All year we provide as part of our service the planning and organization of weddings, company events, corporate meetings and parties, team building and sports events. The park offers a relaxing and fun environment suitable for all types of events. We can recommend many sports that can be played in different areas of the park. We have sites developed for soccer, handball, volleyball and even paintball. Sandy terrain lends itself to organizing handball matches', volleyball and even soccer, since by size, all three areas are applicable. The land covered with grass of higher quality, albeit smaller, is ideal for a 40m x 20m pitch with two gates. New changing rooms make our programs more accessible and comfortable.

The playground

 In summer our play park is also welcoming its smaller visitors. The playground at Pósteleki provides diversity and fun for little ones as well as elders! We have tennis string ball, inflatable slides, trampoline, sand box, swing, games, chess and large size die - so many ways to attract and entertain children! It is ideal for kids' birthday parties or corporate fun days out.

Animal Park


Our small animal park was designed and created especially for children. Our goal is to let them get acquainted with these cute and gentle animals and also have the chance to touch them. There i a wide diversity of animals including deer, goat, sheep and donkey, and all these animals can be seen and visited throughout the year.


There are three different paths through the forest, each of which is marked with wooden boards and colors. These routes can be traveled on foot, by bicycle or for a more casual and comfortable atmosphere with carriage / wagon rides. By special request, a guide can be put at the disposal of our guests; In doing so, they will receive also a small historical presentation from tumultuous past to the more restful present of this particular forest park.


Every summer from mid-June to late August, we organize day camps or full (overnight) camps led and supervised by exceptional, professional staff. For the participating children we offer complete, diverse, fun and thematic programs.


As well as the campsite we can also provide our guests and visitors with a 'hunting house'. This accommodation consists of 4 rooms, renovated in 2012,  and is recommended for families with small children or older people. Nearby you will find all the necessary services: the restaurant, the playground, cafeteria, forest park with small animals and places to set up campfires.
It is fully furnished, with two bathrooms each equipped with 2 showers, four toilets and four large rooms.  This hunters' house has been lovingly transformed into an ideal accommodation and location for those who want to relax and rest. The house can cater for up to a maximum of 30 people and according to your requests, seats and beds in rooms can be modified and varied to meet your demands and closely as possible.

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