House of history of water and Cris River landscapes
A historic spa town

House of history of water and Cris River landscapes

The exhibition created by the Water Department WATER HOUSE area Cris is presented in a fun manner, offering experience and useful information about landscape, waters, and natural values of the Cris region and its spa baths to the public. There is also the possibility of organizing smaller conferences and temporary exhibitions.

Combining elements of traditional exhibitions with that of modern means of multimedia performances, the guests can virtually visit the Cris region by going up in a balloon, visitors can take part in a criminal trial of a witch; can watch the atmosphere of old public baths or Turkish baths as known to the world. In the projection room short films related Cris region can be watched, flood defense documents and maps of internal waters and an exhibition of herbs and plant from the water area.

Opening hours
Opening hours:
(Valid: 2018th June 15th - August 31st)

Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Thursday: 9:00-16:00
Friday-Sunday: 14:00-21:00