For a flourishing Hungary
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For a flourishing Hungary

The contest "For a flourishing Hungary" was organized for the first time in 1994. The first year the contest was attended by 69 localities, and since then, the competition has mobilized nearly all Hungary. There is no other competition in our country more successful than this. It succeeded in mobilizing annually more than 2 million people and help to adorn our environment with flowers, an add a new edge to the preservation of nature inherited from generation to generation, to educate the next generations in the importance of the ecosystem and environment.

The competition organized in our country interconnects with the European contest Entente Florale Europe uniting towns and villages all over Europe, which looks back to a tradition of over three decades. Contest Entente Florale Europe is more than a competition: it is a real campaign in terms of preservation and conservation of ecological values, shielding the environment and flora culture in Europe, uniting numerous European towns and villages for a common purpose. The European competition unites about 50 million people in 25.000 locations from 12 different countries.




In 2013, Gyula managed to win first place in the contest "For a flourishing Hungary" in the town category, which assured them an automatic right to participate in European competition Entente Florale Europe in 2014. "Flower-filled parks, individual market in terms of architecture, huge green spaces beautify Gyula and its historical center. The committee valued especially the historical sightseeing spots including the Medieval Castle of Gyula, The Harruckern-Wenckheim-Almásy Castle and the complex of buildings that make up the Castle Baths and harmony of the environment that was created and arranged around them, have a special attraction in the region. This distinction was offered to the town of Gyula because of the citizens merits regarding the organization of such a special events of national cultural importance" said Mayor Dr. Erno Görgényi.

The edition of 2012 of the "For a flourishing Hungary" one of the cultural prizes received by the town of Gyula was the one awarded by the Ministry of the civic movement for special merits in the development of green spaces, colorful cultural life and plans for rehabilitation and renovation of the Almásy Castle. The award was taken over by Dr. Szászné Várkonyi Adrienn the chief gardener of town of Gyula.
In 2011 Gyula was awarded the prize of prime Guardian which consists in memorial plaque and the work of the artist/painter originating from Transylvania, Mrs. Zsombori Erzsébet also known as "Zsimbi", called "Poppy Kiss" and painted on canvas silk. Both the plaque and picture were taken by Vice Mayor of town of Gyula Mr. Galbács Mihály at Százhalombatta. The technocrat jury motivated the award at the ceremony by appreciating green spaces and the colorful flower layers, cleanliness and order that prevails in Gyula’s public spaces and the diversity of programs.

In 2010 Gyula was awarded again with the highest distinction of the "For a flourishing Hungary" by the organizing committee of the contest, namely with the Golden Rose Award. The ceremony took place in the town of Balatonfüred. This distinction can be received in a region only by one locality, which proves the outstanding results achieved over the years in the maintenance, preservation and beautification of the environment. This award played an important role in both the enlarging the number of seedlings of flowers and greenery, but also to the quality and beauty of the streets and alleys of the old historical central town.

In 2009 at awards contest "For a flourishing Hungary" which was held in Sopron, Hungary's Prime Minister awarded Gyula the special prize, which was taken over by Vice Mayor Árpád Szabó.
In 2008 - won first prize in town section, so the town of Gyula was assured automatic right to participate in the European competition Entente Florale Europe in the same year, where Gyula was awarded with the silver medal. It was stated the following: "The international jury particularly appreciated the exemplary mobilization of citizens and inhabitants of the town, along with its leadership so that with combined forces have managed to create a new center, unique and inestimable value of historical town. The jury was impressed by the town's tourist attraction sights: the Castle Baths, Channel Élővíz (Living Water), which gives an air of freshness, harmony and an entirely new façade.

The international jurors were so pleased with the spaces planted with flowers and parks and green spaces created, that they decided and have exceptionally granted a special award for the town’s gardener.
In 2007 - because Gyula won the ultimate prize in the town category the award ceremony of the contest "For a flourishing Hungary" was organized in here.

In 2006 Gyula won a special prize awarded by the Mystery of Internal Affairs

In 2005, the competition "For a flourishing Hungary," Gyula could take special prize awarded by Mystery of Culture and Education.