Bréda City Apartman Gyula


Rooms, services

A comfortably furnished room is offered by Bréda City Apartman Gyula to guests looking for accommodation in Gyula.

The apartment ensures a pleasant stay for you and your family by offering chield-friendly services. The apartment has an own parking lot, enabling you to park your car on the spot for free.

All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, ensuring optimal room temperature in all types of weather. You can also bring your laptop for the holiday, for there is wireless Internet connection (WiFi) available at the apartment.

The exact equipment of a room and the exact list of available services of Bréda City Apartman Gyula can be read on the information sheet below and on the information sheet of the selected room.


The apartment is 1.9 km from Sensolite, 1.9 km from Great Bamboo Garden gyula, 1.1 km from Komló Restaurant, 2.3 km from Sausage Museum Gyula, 1000 meters from World Clock , 500 meters from Gyula Castle Theater, 7.5 km from Szanazug public beach , 100 meters from Castle Almásy, 100 meters away from Gyula Castle .


Your reservation does not include catering at the indicated prices.


You may choose one of the following methods to pay your room: cash, bank transfer. For the reservation to be complete Bréda City Apartman Gyula is asking for 30% to be paid in advance.

Arrival, opening hours

The earliest time to check in to your room is 15:00, the latest time to check out of your room is 10:00.

The personnel of the apartment can speak with you in Hungarian and German languages.


Accommodation type

  • Apartment

Location features

  • Grilling

Room features

  • Balcony


  • No meal

TOP services

  • Parking lot
  • Air-conditioning

Baby and child-friendly

  • Baby cot
  • Bathtub


  • Bank transfer

GPS: 46.647106 | 21.284262
Map contact details: By GPS coordinates

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