A historic spa town

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The Visit Gyula Card offers you discounts which you can get at no extra charge if you opted for a package Visit Gyula Card or if you stay at one of the 64 accommodation partners, offering significant reductions and even gratuities to various companies and tourist services of Gyula. These you can benefit from:



44% discount on the purchase of a cultural subscription of town Gyula, which contains, among others an entry ticket to the Almásy Castle,

And you can participate free of charge to a tour of town Gyula and hear its famous stories and its legends,

Or you can rent a bicycle paying 50% less by the Tourinform Office in Gyula, etc.






The card is an electronic card equipped with a chip that can be activated throughout your stay by your host, provided that the location where you stay is one of the 64 partner accommodations who offer this package. Gratuities and discounts can be obtained only with active and valid cards. Their validity is checked by our partners through a card reader, mobile phone or via a web interface. Once the card has expired you cannot benefit from our services or programs at low cost or for free. These services and programs change according to the season.








More information on discounts, accommodation and locations which are Visit Gyula Card Program partners can be found by accessing CARD.VISITGYULA.COM

Or you can read in the Gyula Visit Card magazine.




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