Körösparti Pihenő Gyula


Körösparti (Körös Bank) Holiday House in the downtown

Small but friendly –affordable to any generation

Summer, sun, water, delicious food and drinks, this is GYULA!

Our Körösparti Holiday House, open all year round, can be found in a quiet, peaceful neighbourhood 800 m away from the main street.

The fully isolated part of our family house, having a separate entrance, offers full comfort for two guests, plus one more person on an extra bed in our mini-apartment. The picture is made complete by our 24-m2 terrace, which can be used at any time of the day, even in the hottest hours, thanks to the shading. Our guests are provided with bedclothes and towels free of charge.

The Castle Spa can be reached by a 15-minute walk along the Körös-bank (we locals call it this way), flanked by willow trees.

From autumn to spring, heating of the room is provided by a tile stove.

Cars can be parked in the enclosed yard.


Accommodation type

  • Apartment

Location features

  • WIFI
  • Grilling

Room features

  • Balcony


  • No meal

TOP services

  • Parking lot

Baby and child-friendly

  • Bathtub


  • Bank transfer
  • Cash

GPS: 46.644627 | 21.263044
Map contact details: By GPS coordinates

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