Körösvölgy Panzió Gyula - Szanazug


Rooms, services

Guests looking for accommodation in Gyula are welcome to book 8 nicely furnished rooms at Körösvölgy Panzió Gyula - Szanazug.

The pension offers chield-friendly services during your stay, would be therefore pleased to host the entire family. The pension is prepared to host pets as well, so for an additional fee you may also take yours along. The pension is offering you freshly prepared fine local meals in its restaurant every day. If neccessary, you may park your car at the parking place of the pension for free.

The exact scope of services offered by Körösvölgy Panzió Gyula - Szanazug (including those for an extra fee) and the exact equipment of a room are available on the information sheet below and on the information sheet of the given rooms.


Szanazug public beach is located 1.6 km away.


Your reservation does not include catering at the indicated prices.


You will need to pay for your stay in cash.

Arrival, opening hours

The earliest time for arrival and check-in is 14:00, the latest time for departure and check-out is 10:00.

You will be able to speak with the personnel in Hungarian and Romanian languages.


Accommodation type

  • Pension

Location features

  • Grilling


  • No meal

TOP services

  • Parking lot


  • Cash

GPS: 46.697243 | 21.272879
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