Vica Mini Apartman Gyula


Rooms, services

The guests of Vica Mini Apartman Gyula may stay in two nice, neat rooms in Gyula.

You may park your vehicle for free in a parking lot available on the spot.

Air-conditioning is in operation in all rooms, ensuring that you will be feeling good also on warm summer days. You will be able to go online in the rooms of the apartment via an Internet connection available. A separate bathroom and toilet are available to all rooms.

An exact and detailed list of equipment in the rooms and of the services provided by Vica Mini Apartman Gyula you will find on the information sheet below and on the information sheet of the individual rooms, including any applicable additional fees.


Gyula Castle is located 1.5 km, Sausage Museum Gyula 1.1 km, Szanazug public beach 8.5 km, Komló Restaurant 800 meters, Gyula Castle Theater 1.1 km, Sensolite 1.4 km, World Clock 700 meters, Castle Almásy 1.5 km away.


Your booking does not include catering at the displayed prices.


The following methods are available to pay the reservation: cash, bank transfer. To be able to accept your booking request Vica Mini Apartman Gyula is asking for 50% advance payment.

Arrival, opening hours

The earliest arrival time is 14:30, the latest time to leave the rooms is 10:00.

The personnel can speak Hungarian.


Accommodation type

  • Apartment

Location features

  • WIFI


  • No meal

TOP services

  • Parking lot
  • Air-conditioning


  • Bank transfer

GPS: 46.639546 | 21.273863
Map contact details: By GPS coordinates

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