Békés Airport

Gyula and Békéscsaba do not have any hills or mountains, but there is a way for lovers of heights to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the beautiful landscapes of Békés county. Thanks to Békés Airport's flightseeing tours, you can admire the view of Gyula Castle, the wild and scenic countryside of the Körös rivers valley, and the largest Lutheran church in Central Europe. On a clear day, you can marvel at the peaks of the Bihar Mountains of western Romania.

It is not widely known that some of today's prominent pilots started their careers in Békéscsaba. One of them, Bertalan Farkas, a research cosmonaut was the first Hungarian to fly into space. Péter Besenyei, whose specialty is free-style aerobatics, displayed his talents and amazed the crowd at the 12th World Aerobatics Championship, held at this airport in 1984.

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