Szanazug, a popular resort in the immediate surroundings of Gyula, lies at the confluence of the White and Black Körös Rivers. It is a popular place for hiking and swimming: there are free beaches on both banks of the river where the water is clear and shallow. Visitors can spend an afternoon or even several days in holiday homes there. In addition to swimming, holidaymakers can also enjoy water biking, kayaking or canoeing, go on a boat trip or take the ferry between the two shores.

Szanazug is located in the administrative area of Doboz, which is one of the oldest inhabited areas of Békés County. Doboz and its surroundings were first mentioned in records as early as 1075. In this area, Scythian, numerous Avar and other pre-Hungarian artefacts have been found, including the remains of the old settlement and a church. The village of Szanna may have been located near the present-day confluence of the Black and White Körös Rivers at the time when the rivers merged near the town of Békés. According to the plans of Károly Bodoky, a hydraulic engineer from Gyula, who was experienced in regulating the Körös, a 20-km-long stream bed was dug between 1855 and 1857 on the Gyula-Szanazug-Békés stretch of the river. This helped significantly reduce the risk of flooding in the settlements involved. The large area of the dammed up backwaters became a popular holiday destination offering a wide array of activities, making it a paradise for anglers and water lovers.


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