Gyula Castle Theatre

The Gyula Castle Theatre has been hosting theatrical performances since 1964. Most plays are held in the courtyard of the 600-year-old Gothic fortification. It is the only flatland castle in Central and Eastern Europe which has remained intact over the centuries. Some plays and shows take place on the stage of the boating pond right next to the castle. The renovated chamber theatre and other locations around the city host some of the performances as well.

From the end of June to the middle of August, a varied line-up of events, including plays, musicals, dance performances, art exhibitions, film screenings and children's programmes await audiences almost every day of the season. In keeping with the decades-long traditions of the past, a variety of programmes that provide high quality artistic experiences and entertainment await audiences of all ages and interests. Our steadily expanding repertoire includes several thought-provoking, intellectually-challenging performances that not only entertain but also take spectators out of their comfort zone, their imposed or voluntary habits and, as a result, have a liberating effect on them.

As the slogan of the festival proclaims: Gyula Castle Theatre - Where Art Sets You Free.

The events of the art festival feature historical dramas, contemporary theatre, operas, musicals, folk and contemporary dance shows, puppet theatre, jazz, blues, folk, world and classical music. In recent years an impressive line-up of renowned Hungarian actors and musicians have been accompanied by internationally acclaimed stars.

The annual Shakespeare Festival is part of the all-arts festival in early July. The creators of the event aspired to set up a prestigious international festival in Hungary where some of the most notable adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays are performed by theatre companies from Hungary, as well as from all over the world. In the last two decades, the activities of the Gyula Castle Theatre have not been limited to the summer months (June to August).

From October to April, it presents the above-mentioned endeavours, in a chamber theatre setting, during its autumn, winter and spring seasons. This is how theatre-lovers from Gyula and its surrounding area, as well as holidaymakers visiting the city have access to meaningful and uplifting entertainment throughout the year.

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