Póstelek Recreation Park

The Póstelek Recreation Park, which is set in a beautiful forest, boasts a tranquil and historic ambience. The restoration of the castle park to its original state is an ongoing operation. In our fast moving stressful life, we have no choice but to seek solace in nature and Póstelek is an ideal setting for that.

Park Forest

Among its remarkable trees, one can find Békés county's largest ironwood, the red leaf beech, the swamp white oak and the mighty English oak. Besides the reconstruction of the old promenade and the pond, the area around the ruins of the mansion has been cleared up, and fire pits, as well as picnic areas have been added. These amenities and a pleasant snack bar at the entrance ensure that visitors to the park have an enjoyable and memorable day.

Mókus Csárda (Squirrel Tavern)

The tavern is located within the Póstelek Recreation Park, in the immediate vicinity of the ruins of the former Wenckheim Castle. The total capacity of the inn is 230 people. The outside terrace in front of the building can accommodate 60 people; the large hall can seat 80; and the inner terrace, which can be connected to the large hall, can seat 90. Mókus Csárda offers traditional homemade dishes with flavours that are typical of the Viharsarok region.

Amusement Park

The amusement park is open every day during the summer season. It offers recreation for children and adults alike.

Wildlife Park

The mini wildlife park and petting zoo is mainly for children and is accessible all year round.


There are 3 different marked hiking trails in the forest, which can be completed on foot, by bicycle or in a romantic horse-drawn carriage.

Opening hours and ticket prices

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