Hundred-Year-Old Confectionery

The Hundred-Year-Old Confectionery, which has been operating since 1840, is the second oldest in Hungary. In its magnificent Empire-style building; ornately painted walls; original Biedermeier furniture; a rich and varied assortment of traditional cakes; handmade chocolates; sweets and ice cream, the confectionery transports its customers back to the bustling milieu of that era.

The confectionery has always been a community space as can be seen from the fragments of wall paintings in the centre of the vaults. The 1984-1986 restoration project strove to recreate the atmosphere of the Reformation period, while the former confectionery workshop was converted into a confectionery museum with contemporary utensils.

In 2004, the confectionery underwent a major renovation to ensure that it remained one of the most precious gems of the Southern Great Plains and that this splendid place continued to offer its guests a unique and memorable experience.

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