The Snail Garden

The biggest green area of the city is The Snail Garden, which is located by the Élővíz Canal (Living Water Canal): it stretches out on a land of about 0.5 hectares. Although it is a natural park, it has an artificially created mound that people can climb and descend in a spiral path. This spiral-shaped path resembles a snail and hence gave rise to the park’s name. People can wander on the paved paths and admire the nature, with its ancient trees, or rest on one of the park’s benches. Some of the trees are over 300 years old. It is not unusual to see officiated weddings or pre-wedding pictures taken in this location during the summer months. The pavilion in the garden, which is situated in front of the marble sculpture of the Empress Sissy, is a popular site of outdoor weddings and other events.


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